PNeed some advice with Varifocal lenses? I would love to give you 10 tips to finding the correct pair and not over paying

  1. The frame needs to be a little larger than the norm. The larger the frame the easer it is to see.
  2. The younger you are the easier the varifocal is to get used to.
  3. The higher the prescription (add) the more superior the varifocal spectacle lense needs to be.
  4. Top of the range varifocals need 6 extra measrments, always ask
  5. The better the vari focal the less you move your head.

Price you expect to pay.
Top of the range : approx £400 – £600 Hoya Mystyle / Essilor 360 / Nikkon
Middle range : approx £350 – £250 Kodak concise / Rodenstock /
Low range : approx £200 – £60.00 Ao pro / Jai kudo / WLC

Hope this helps. Want to know the other 5 tips? Call me at Good Looking
Optics if you would like to talk varifoacls
Garry Kousoulou 0208 364 4444 www.goodlookingoptics.co.uk

Adapting to your varifocals

Varifocals / progressive – what do they do, how do they work, which ones are best?

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