There’s only 1 word to describe Gary and his team’s services – AMAZING! Not only did he look after my mum, he provided us with great advice, customer service second to none and great rates! You don’t just get an eye test done by someone experienced, professional and knowledgeable but you get an experience! He even got my mum a pair of new frames for her broken pair of glasses and she will have a brand new verifocal pair in 2 days! That’s something nobody else on the high street can do – other opticians take 2 weeks. THE BEST OPTICIAN IN TOWN!” – Chris Gray

Good Looking Optics isn’t just about making the customer look great, its about making them feel special and important. Great customer service is at the heart of everything Good Looking Optics does. You won’t find a better optician for miles and miles and the whole experience is professional, yet fun. Thanks GLO, you rock!” – Michelle Eshkeri

Good looking optics offer a personalized service which is simply unavailable else-where. I was fed up of being treated like a statistic in your average high street chain where It felt like you were being tested on a conveyor belt.

With good looking optics, from the second I walk in, I’m treated like an old friend. I was made a cup of tea and there was a play area for my 20 month old son.

The manager Garry is an enthusiastic, engaging character who took a personal interest in finding the best frame for me. He helped me expand my horizons and choose a pair of glasses that suited me perfectly which I otherwise might have dismissed.

His staff were always smiling and there was a friendly environment.

My wife and I have now moved to high Wycombe and still feel it is worth the two hour round trip to Enfield.” – Stefan Krok-Paszkowski

Looking for a great optician in Enfield go to Goodlooking optics, Gary is great with kids too.” – Paul Jennings

This place is fantastic! All the staff are super helpful and friendly, and they sorted my broken glasses out in next to no time. Thoroughly recommended!” – Rochelle Cutler

The owner of this opticians is called Garry and he is a very personable, caring and also eccentric man! Meeting Garry is like meeting a character out of a storybook or from a film. That’s why I love having him as my optician. His service is excellent, he really, really cares about your vision and health and he also cares passionately about his community in Enfield. Going to Garry means that I always LOOK forward to my eye tests!! Oh and he always offers a cup of tea.” – Karen Mercer

I’ve never felt the urge to write about my experience at an opticians before but after going to Goodlooking Optics today I’m going to! When I arrived earlier the whole team knew who I was and greeted me, everyone was really friendly and I was even offered tea – if you like tea like I do, that’s a big plus! The optometrist was lovely and we chatted throughout, I didn’t feel like I was on a big conveyor belt like you can at other places. When she found out that my prescription hasn’t changed I wasn’t encouraged to spend more money and buy new glasses I don’t need, I just paid for the eye test, had a nice chat and was on my way. If you’re still going to the big chains WHY?? Please visit Goodlooking Optics, it’s a totally different experience!” – Sally Mayor

I choose GoodLooking Optics in Enfield because I was recommended to go there by a friend and they were not wrong! GoodLooking Optics is an example of what every opticians should aspire to be like because they have everything to make them the best opticians in London. The Staff are friendly, Helpful and sociable towards their customers because they care for what the customers need. I would strongly recommend that if you are in need of an opticians then do not worry because there is a GoodLooking Optics for you! In my opinion the best optician in Enfield!” – Aaron Patel


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