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Oakley began way back in 1975 by a gentlemen called James (Jim) Jannard. This was started with just an initial investment of $300 and his garage.

The name Oakley came from Jannards Dog, an English Setter. The company began by selling grips out of the back of his car at motocross events. He went on to call this ‘The Oakley Grip’ which was a unique creation of Jannards as it used Unobtanium. This material is still used today by Oakley on the nose pieces and used as ear socks for Oakley Glasses. This was just the beggining for Oakley as it went on to make gloves, grips, number plates, chin guards and googles for both ski and motocross communities.

The first pair of googles to be released by Jannard was the O-Frame in 1980. This also featured for the first time the Oakley Logo on the side of the frame, which became prominent within the sports industry.

After this Oakley expanded from googles to sunglasses. Oakley then released the first Sunglasses frame in its range called Factory Pilot Eyeshades which came from the Ski-googles but were more sports orientated.

This was then followed by the next style made by Oakley. The Frogskin was a casual style of sunglasses compared to the previous which was made by Jannard.

Oakley continued to make sunglasses and in 2007 merged with an Italian group Luxottica in a deal worth $2.1billion.

Oakley still maintains a large roster of sports personel such as Shaun White, Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy, Juan Pablo Montoya and Lance Armstrong. Other sportsmen to appear on the roster for Oakley included Michael Jordan and David Duval.

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